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At Affordable Floors and More, we offer our customers a complimentary design team to assist in the selection of their products. Our team will work with you from start to finish, until the job is done!

During the first meeting with the design team, you will have the opportunity to identify your needs and wants, as well as answer questions like: 


  • What product options are available within my budget?

  • What’s the best product for my home environment and family (i.e. waterproof, best for pets, best for kids, etc.)?

  • What colors or textures will look best?

  • What products will lighten up a room or make it look larger?

Our design team will answer these and other questions you may have in order to help you decide what products will work for your project. Share your concerns and ideas! We promise to help you find the perfect solutions for your home projects by raising expectations and lowering prices.